8 Reasons to Choose Nagy Properties over going FSBO


1) We can sell your house for more money! According to many sources in print and on the internet, Realtors are selling homes for an average of 16% more than FSBO’s and doing it in half the time.

2) We understand and have experience in filling out all the legally required documentation. There are numerous contracts, disclosures, addendum's, contingencies, and other legal documentation that we are trained to read, interpret, fill out, etc. In fact, we are required to take continuing education throughout the year so we remain fully updated on any and all changes to Real Estate Law and new and changed legal documents.

3) We do this Full-Time. This is what we do for a living. We are available 7 days a week to show your property, answer perspective buyer’s questions, update and maintain the marketing of your home in print and on the internet, respond to any of your needs regarding the sale of your home, and of course diligently negotiate your home to get you the best price possible.

4) We have the market knowledge to price your home correctly. We have the access and the contacts to know what other homes in your area have sold for, how long they were truly on the market, and often the reason for the eventual selling price should it be low, high or otherwise unusual. We want your home to sell for the best price possible and as quickly as possible. The key is pricing your home correctly right from the start.

5) We can assess a Buyer’s ability to afford your property and can help them get financing. We can help you save valuable time by pre-qualifying a potential buyer. By helping buyers get financing we can often accelerate the time it takes for them to make a valid offer on your home. Once there is an accepted offer, we can help and facilitate the financing portion of this process to make sure the transaction closes and does so in a timely fashion.

6) We can negotiate and overcome objections. We are experienced and successful in balancing offers and counteroffers. We can directly handle many of the contingencies that usually accompany real estate transactions, assuring the best possible outcome.

7) We can get the transaction closed! Often deals are held up and even terminated due to contingencies, financing, inspections, titles and more. This will often result in you losing valuable time on the market which may further result in you being forced to reduce your price. We have the expertise, experience and the contacts to make sure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible by seeing potential issues and nipping them in the bud.

8) Listing with us brings in more Buyers. Many real estate agents avoid bringing buyers to FSBO’s, even when there is compensation. Involving their client in a transaction with a non-licensed party results in more liability and inevitably more work, usually taking on the liability and workload of 2 agents but only getting paid for one.